Why Plants?

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We help you create an atmosphere of success.

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Living plants are a perfect way to "warm up" your space.

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Plants elevate the stature and appeal of any academic setting.

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Create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your guests.

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Assisted Living

Promote health, warmth & beauty with living plants.

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Decorating With Plants Helps Your Business

It's a fact: having living plants in your office or workplace is good for business. Studies show that interior plants deliver much more than aesthetic beauty—they help increase employee productivity, reduce office stress, cut down on employee sick days, bolster your professional image with customers, ensure a healthier/cleaner environment, to name but a few.

Tenant Occupancy:

Living plants can improve tenant retention by 17% based on various case studies.

Stress Relief:

Living plants have been shown to reduce stress and a foster a more positive, stress-free environment.

Clean Environment:

Living plants can help reduce harmful airborne molds and bacteria by 60%. This leads to healthier employees and fewer sick days.


Living plants can actually enhance worker productivity by 12%.

Employee Retention:

Living plants have a positive effect on employees and contribute to higher job satisfaction, with reduced turnover.

Enhanced Image:

Living plants cost much less than other interior decorating choices, and they significantly enhance the perception of your corporate image.