Interiorscape Services for Commercial Spaces in Charleston, South Carolina

If your building isn’t exactly an inspiring space for employees and customers, why not breathe new life into it with the botanical design services from Interior Plantscapes? Using indoor plants and elements from nature, we’ll create an oasis where teamwork and creativity flourish. For more information, contact us at (877) 283-6011. We serve Charleston, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

Transform Your Space

The verdict is in: Contact with nature is vital to human health. Studies confirm the benefits plants have in the workplace and in community spaces. Where we spend our time matters, and people have a fundamental desire to be in nature and beautiful spaces. When owners and managers make horticultural design a priority in their commercial buildings, everyone reaps the benefits.

Since 1989 Interior Plantscapes has been helping transform businesses with our biophilic design services.

We boast 700-plus service locations.

We have a retention rate of greater than 92%.

Our Services

Greening up the space where customers shop, clients and patients visit, and guests stay, engenders many positive results including greater profit, shorter hospital stays, and repeat customers. Something as simple as indoor plants, light, and other natural elements can make all the difference. At Interior Plantscapes we’ll analyze your space and create a biophilic design plan as simple or as elaborate as you’d like to refresh and invigorate your clientele.

Outdoor spaces also provide an opportunity to create nature-infused areas for your employees and customers to enjoy. We can remake your entrance, patios, rooftop gardens, and other outdoor areas with live exterior plants. Standing planters, hanging pots, greenery screens, and other botanical elements all welcome, soothe, and stimulate the mind and body.

Living walls bring nature indoors in a spectacular fashion. We’ll match the plants to the conditions in your space to create an unforgettable display. And don’t worry; with our weekly maintenance service, we’ll take care of everything for you. No investment of time is required on your part.

Moss art walls thrive in areas that other plants won’t. Our botanical works of art made from preserved moss infuse grace and life into any space. Totally customizable, an indoor moss wall is available in a variety of colors and textures and can even match your brand.

You’ll set the scene for the holidays when the horticultural experts take over the holiday décor at your commercial business. Using poinsettias, plants, and other natural elements, we’ll create a turnkey holiday display of holiday cheer. From design to setup and removal to storage, we handle the entire process.

Ready to make your business come alive?


Our Process

  1. Initial Meeting.
    1. Listen to your vision.
    2. Collaborate on design ideas for your space.
    3. Outline a budget and proposal.
  2. Install Your Project. We ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the way it looks.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance. We guarantee the health of your plants with no work required from you.


Since 1989 we’ve been a locally owned business and leading provider of interiorscape services. Here’s why to choose us.

Creative designs

We focus on making your property stand out.

Customer service

We’re committed to responsiveness via phone and email, and we understand the complex service and billing needs of commercial accounts.

Indoor Plant Services in Charleston SC


Our friendly, uniformed technicians are trained in horticultural care and receive background checks before they visit your property.

100% Service Guarantee

We handle installation and ongoing maintenance of all living plants. We also proactively replace any plants that don’t meet our standards at no charge to you so that your space always looks great.

Contact Interior Plantscapes Today

Enjoy the greenspaces and reap the benefits of the botanical design services from Interior Plantscapes. Contact us at (877) 283-6011. We serve Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, and Charleston, South Carolina. For more information, see our plant benefit and FAQ pages.

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