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Research shows that using plants and other natural elements in your commercial business creates an environment conducive to workplace wellbeing. At Interior Plantscapes our goal is to create a healthy environment for you with our turnkey horticultural design and care services. For information, contact our team at (877) 283-6011.

What Employees Want in an Office Space

According to the Human Spaces Report into The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace, 1/3rd of employees report that an office’s design impacts their decision to work for an employer.

Three of the most desired features were:

Live indoor plants
Natural light
Bright colors

Create a Nature-Based Environment

We specialize in using interior and exterior plants to incorporate natural elements in the built environment. Our biophilic designs create spaces where your employees and customers want to be and where they work their best.

Our full-service horticultural care services include the design, installation, and regular maintenance of your plants by trained technicians – including watering, trimming, fertilizing, disease/pest control, cleaning, dusting, and shining. See our FAQ and plant benefits pages for more information.

Our Process


Initial Meeting

  1. Listen to your vision
  2. Collaborate on design ideas for your space
  3. Outline a budget and proposal



We ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the décor.


Ongoing Maintenance

We guarantee the health of your plants with no work required from you.

Plants & Containers

We have an extensive variety of indoor plants chosen by the available light in the space: low light, medium light, high light, and flowering plants. We carry numerous containers from high-profile ceramics and metals to affordable fiberglass and plastics to fit any budget and any location, both indoors and out.

Our designers listen to your vision and combine plants and containers with both visual and sensory diversity in mind, creating a truly unique environment. We work within your budget (our minimum charge is only $99 per month) to create a workspace that inspires.

For a true statement piece, you might also consider living walls and moss designs.

Ready to make your business come alive?


Color Rotations & Specialty Arrangements

If you enjoy year-round color, our color rotation program includes orchid and bromeliad arrangements that we regularly rotate with a variety of colors throughout the year. We also offer poinsettias during the holiday season.


Since 1989 we’ve been a locally owned business and leading provider of interiorscape services. Here’s why to choose us.

Creative designs

We focus on making your property stand out.

Customer service

We’re committed to responsiveness via phone and email, and we understand the complex service and billing needs of commercial accounts.

Low Light Indoor Plants for Offices


Our friendly, uniformed technicians are trained in horticultural care and receive background checks before they visit your property.

100% Service Guarantee

We handle installation and ongoing maintenance of all living plants. We also proactively replace any plants that don’t meet our standards at no charge to you so that your space always looks great.


Call Our Plant Experts Today

We understand how important it is for your space to look its best – for you, your employees, and your customers. Let us help you bring it alive with thoughtful biophilic design.We serve the Carolinas including Irmo and Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Charlotte and Concord, North Carolina. Contact us at (877) 283-6011.

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