Top Reasons to Choose Interior Plantscapes 

If your commercial office space is feeling stale, cold, impersonal, or like it’s simply missing something, interior plants are for you.  Interior plants, moss walls, and living walls can completely transform a space. At Interior Plantscapes, we love helping our clients add nature to their environments to help transform their spaces. Today, we are sharing the top reasons why our customers love our services. 

Reasons to Choose Interior Plantscapes
Experience Matters

We have been serving our customers since 1989, which means that the top companies in the Carolinas have trusted us to transform their spaces with office botanical designs for over 30 years. Also, our customers continue to stay with us year after year. Our customers have been with us for an average of twelve years!

Customer Commitment 

We understand the needs of our customers, the complexities of service, and the ins and outs of billing for commercial businesses. Additionally, we’re serving our customers through our responsiveness to phone and e-mail inquiries, ensuring that we’re always here to answer questions and provide the help you need. 

Professional Team

Our team of technicians is friendly and helpful. Each team member is trained in horticulture care to ensure that your plants’ needs are met as well. Additionally, all of our technicians receive background checks before they visit your property. 

Superior Service 

We have a 100% service guarantee. From the installation and maintenance of your living plants, we handle it all. We also have high standards and will proactively replace any plants where those standards are not met. Our team at Interior Plantscapes is fully committed to ensuring your moss wall, living wall, interior plants or exterior plants create the look you desire. We built a business from raving customers and have quickly become a leader in interiorscape services in both North and South Carolina. We look forward to helping you take your office space to the next level. Contact us online to start the process today or call (877) 283-6011.