Office Design Trends in 2023: Part One

Do you want your office space to stand out from the rest? Interior design trends come and go – what is in vogue now won’t be cool forever. It pays to know what will be trending in 2023 to keep ahead of the game so your office can stay current with the newest designs. At Interior Plantscapes, we understand how important it is for businesses to stay on trend. Keep reading to discover how to create eye-catching workspaces and foster a productive environment in any office or facility.

Office Design Trends in 2023: Part One

Office Spaces Going Greener

Are you tired of staring at dull, lifeless walls in your office? Well, now there’s a solution that brightens your workspace and benefits the environment. Say hello to living walls! These vertical gardens are filled with living plants and can be installed indoors and outdoors. Not only do they create a more aesthetically pleasing workspace, but they also purify the air and improve your overall well-being. As a bonus, they are low maintenance and can even save energy by insulating the building. 

Exterior Plants in the Workplace

Did you know that adding some greenery to your workplace can greatly impact your overall mood and productivity? Having exterior plants at the office helps to purify the air, reduces stress levels, and creates a more relaxed environment. So, how can you ensure that your plants are successful? Start by choosing the right plants for your space and ensuring that they have adequate sunlight and water. Regular maintenance is also key. Make sure to prune and fertilize as needed to keep your plants healthy and thriving. A little bit of green can go a long way in making your workplace a more pleasant and productive place to be.

The Right Office Interior Plant Varieties

Adding some greenery to your office space is a great way to liven up the atmosphere and bring some life into an otherwise sterile environment. When choosing the right plant varieties for your office interior, it’s important to consider a few things. First, consider the amount of natural light your plants will receive. Some plants thrive in low light, while others need a lot of sunshine to flourish. You’ll also want to consider the level of care each plant requires. Finally, consider the aesthetic appeal of each plant. By considering these factors, you’ll be sure to choose the perfect plant varieties for your office interior.

Maximum Impact with Minimal Maintenance

Generally, 2023 office trends involve maximum impact with minimal maintenance. Fortunately, plants help achieve this goal. Interior Plantscapes provides plantscapes that beautify the office, provide many perks, and handle the maintenance component. We’ll continue this series next month, but contact us if you have questions. Call (877) 283-6011 for service in North or South Carolina.