5 Reasons Why Living Walls Are Popular

As a business owner in the Carolinas, perhaps you’ve heard of living walls and moss walls. At Interior Plantscapes, we install these living features regularly. But why are these types of wall installations becoming increasingly popular? From improved air quality to aesthetic appeal, there are numerous reasons to consider investing in a living or moss wall for your business. Here are five reasons why living walls are popular and attractive for businesses like yours.

5 Reasons Why Living Walls Are Popular North Carolina

1. Improved Air Quality

Living and moss walls naturally filter out pollutants from the air, creating a healthier environment for your employees and customers. Studies have shown that these types of green walls can reduce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other airborne contaminants by up to 50%, improving air quality and helping to create a healthier atmosphere for everyone in your business.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

Living wall art is visually stunning, creating an attractive look for any interior design. These wall installations create an eye-catching focal point that adds a unique touch to any space. When you don’t have money to remodel office space, utilize living walls to liven up the office. And if you do have the funds to remodel, you can still incorporate living walls to add a modern, sophisticated flair.

3. Low Maintenance and Cost-effective

Green walls require significantly less maintenance than traditional plants due to their self-sustaining nature. They don’t need much water or sunlight, making them relatively low-cost in upkeep. Installing living or moss walls is often more cost-effective than purchasing multiple potted plants or hanging planters. Furthermore, living walls can last many years so the initial investment can pay for itself over time.

4. Reduce Stress and Improve Work Performance

Living walls have been proven to reduce stress and fatigue while boosting creativity and productivity. Having interior plants helps people focus more easily and increase their well-being, improving work performance. At least, that’s what studies conclude. After all, who doesn’t want to reduce stress and improve focus and productivity? Whether potted plants or moss walls, these oxygen producers create a natural, peaceful, and more beautiful work environment.

5. Sustainability

Living walls and moss designs are much more eco-friendly than traditional ones, as they don’t require any additional water or electricity to maintain them. This makes these types of wall installations an attractive option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Make Your Business Come Alive

Commercial interiorscape is becoming increasingly popular for businesses due to its numerous benefits. From improved air quality to aesthetic appeal, these wall installations can provide an attractive yet eco-friendly solution for any business looking to create a healthier and more beautiful environment. Consider investing in a living or moss wall today – the professionals at Interior Plantscapes can help. Contact us online or call (877) 283-6011 to see how we can help your Carolina business.