3 Things Your Employees Want in an Office Space

Office space design matters when it comes to employees’ needs and desires. In fact, research shows that when employees are happy with their surroundings, their overall well-being can be improved as well. At Interior Plantscapes, we provide you with solutions that help you transform any office space, making your employees feel happier and more inspired. Today, we are sharing the top three things your employees want when it comes to their space, according to the Human Spaces Report into the Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace.

3 Things Your Employees Want in an Office Space
Natural Light 

When selecting a new space or renovating your current office, it’s important to note that employees prefer to have natural light in their workplace. If you have an existing space, let natural light in through available windows and openings. If you do not have many windows, consider adding natural light lamps and bulbs to your space to create a similar feeling.

Bright Colors

Bright colors help to invoke feelings of happiness. These colors can be incorporated into your workplace through art, furniture, or wall paint as fairly simple solutions. By adding some brightness to your commercial office space, you can create an office your employees will love!

Live Indoor Plants

Finally, employees love to have live plants in their office space. Lower-maintenance interior container plants are a great place to start. Living walls and moss designs can help take the space up a few notches as well. We know that maintaining living plants can be overwhelming, and we thrive on helping with the design, installation, and maintenance of your plants!

Our team at Interior Plantscapes is fully committed to ensuring your moss wall, living wall, interior plants or exterior plants create an office space your employees will love. We built a business from raving customers and have quickly become a leader in interiorscape services in both North and South Carolina. We look forward to helping you take your office space to the next level. Contact us online to start the process today or call (877) 283-6011.