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Does your workplace need a little something interesting to liven it up? A good way to do that is with a plant that captures peoples’ attention, and makes them curious.

Many are named rather appropriately to match their unique look. Because of their distinctive properties, these plants can be fun talking points.

In a University of Illinois video on "Unique Plants with Unique Names”, Horticulturist Greg Stack, shows some interesting examples of unique plants.

Chenille Plant

Image Credit: UIExtension at YouTube

Take the Chenille Plant shown above. It has fuzzy flowers feel like chenille fabric when you touch it. This is a great plant to hang in a basket. It has an abundance of names attached to it, including:

  • Philippines
  • Red Hot Cat's Tail
  • Fox Tail

Ribbon Plant

Image Credit: UIExtension at YouTube

Pictured above is the appropriately named Ribbon Plant, with long flat stems curl around like ribbons. It does best in bright, indirect lighting and temperatures from 15 to 25 °C (59 to 77 °F), and is often sold with the roots in water.

Image Credit: UIExtension at YouTube

Here we have the Love Lies Bleeding plant. It is known for its strange-looking tassels – bright flowers and seed heads that droop from the tops of sturdy, 3-5 ft. plants.

Love Lies Bleeding prefers sunny conditions, and is best as a warm-season exterior plant.

Artillery Plant

Image Credit: UIExtension at YouTube

The plant above is called "Artillery Fern” because its tiny flowers burst pollen into the air in an explosive manner.

It’s actually not a fern, but a member of the Pilea family. It grows well in bright to low light, and looks great in mixed plantings and hanging baskets.

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