Guess What? Orchids Aren’t That Difficult

Decorating with Orchids Can Be Easy

Image source: asktheDecorator at YouTube

Orchids have long been appreciated for their beauty and elegance. Many scientists believe they existed over 75 million years ago, at the same time as the dinosaurs.

Over 30,000 varieties are grown, including the vanilla orchid, which provides the world’s most favorite spice.

In their native habitat, most orchids grow on shrubs or trees, instead of in soil. Perhaps that’s why they have the reputation as being difficult to grow.

But are they really that difficult?

In the above video on orchid care, Meghan Carter of Ask the Decorator learns just how simple it is.

Moderate Temperatures

Image source: asktheDecorator at YouTube

According to award winning orchid grower Dick Wells, orchids like the same temperatures that humans do – between 60 to 85 degrees.

Water and Indirect Light

Image source: asktheDecorator at YouTube

  • Water drenching once a week … fill up the pot allowing the water to run out from the bottom.
  • Strong indirect light… a window facing East or West is good.

A Bit of a Breeze – and Plant Food

  • Humidity with ventilation… so that air flows around the plant
  • Small amounts of fertilizer - about once every couple of weeks

Extra Tips

Since most orchids don't grow in soil, they don't need "potting soil" in their containers.

Orchid potting mixture is usually made up of several chunky ingredients, including pine bark, charcoal, and even pebbles. This allows the plant to attach itself to a surface.

Repotting once a year is fine. Remove the plant from the old pot. Cut off any dead or shriveled roots and remove decaying moss if any. The remaining healthy root should be white and firm.

It’s that easy, really.

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