Orchid & Fern Combinations Brighten Up a Space

Image Credit: Quinn Dombrowski

Orchids and ferns go very well together, as you can see in the above photograph. The delicate fronds of the ferns provide an outstanding backdrop for the exotic elegance of the orchid’s bloom.

Create a Living Arrangement with Orchids and Ferns

Image Credit: CanadaGARDENWORKS at YouTube

In the video above produced by Canada Garden Works, Michelle Tornai shows how easy it is to create a living arrangement with orchids and ferns. She puts together an amazing arrangement by adding companion ferns and other natural elements.

Start with Phalaenopsis Orchids

Into a large clay bowl filled with potting soil, Michelle puts three Phalaenopsis Orchids, pot and all. She leaves them in their pot so as not to disturb their roots, and also because orchids’ watering requirements are different from other tropical plants, so it’s good to keep them in separate containers.

On a few of the orchid stems, Michelle removes the stem support (a taped wire) and instead props them up with a curly willow. She presses the curly willow down into the soil, and brings the flower around it so that it’s supported. She cautions not to touch the sensitive blooms too much while you’re doing this.

Pop in Some Button Ferns

Next, Michelle takes some button ferns out of their pots and embeds them in the potting soil around the orchids.

Finish With Sphagnum Moss

The final step is to add some green and fluffy sphagnum moss. It covers up the potting soil and holds thing nicely together, giving the arrangement an integrated look.

What started out as solo orchids, has now turned into a small ecosystem.

About Palaenopsis Orchids

Image Credit: InteriorPlantscapesllc.com

Palaenopsis orchids are thick-leaved plants with graceful, arching sprays of blooms in a huge range of colors. The flowers are both beautiful and long lasting, making them perfect for the workspace.

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