Interior Landscaping with Living Walls

A Vertical Garden

A living wall is a new concept that can be quite spectacular–decorating with plants on vertical surfaces.

They are particularly suited to an urban environment - where ground space is limited but vertical space is abundant. They are often a part of outdoor landscaping, but you can use it to create a striking indoor plant display, too. It can be a beautiful work of art and a smart way to keep the building air clean and cool.

An Indoor Living Wall

Image courtesy of ggarnerful at YouTube

As you can see in this video, a living wall is built up from a rectangular frame that supports a large number of living plants in containers and has a built in system of watering.

It's really not so different from the container gardening that we are all familiar with…. except these are stacked vertically and don’t take up floor space.

Installing the Living Wall

Image courtesy of ggarnerful at YouTube

This living wall is mounted on a frame of 2 inch pipes with aluminum cross members. The planter boxes, which are light and easy to handle, are mounted manually. The wall shown here was erected in two days.

The boxes can be easily removed if need be, for any maintenance work.

Watering the Wall

Image courtesy of ggarnerful at YouTube

The watering system includes vertical distribution pipes with horizontal emitter tubes connected every other row. The emitter tubes are pushed into the planter boxes and provide a spray of water.

The complete system is run on a small pump that supplies enough pressure to raise the water about 25 feet. A tray at the bottom of the structure collects the drain water plus any debris that may come off during maintenance.

A Vision of Green

Image courtesy of ggarnerful at YouTube

And there it is…a delightful interior landscaping feat…a Living Wall!