Indoor Plants for Offices

The science of maintaining living plants indoors is advancing, as well as the understanding that they are essential for maximum productivity in the workspace.

In the video below, plant specialist John Dromgoole, (PBS station KLRU), shares his expertise on selecting and maintaining plants for interior spaces.

Image Credit: KLRU at YouTube

Decorating with plants is always a great idea:

  • Plants inside a building are pleasant to look at.
  • They are stress reducers.
  • They purify indoor air.

John Dromgoole talks about several plants that can add value to an office setting – plants that have proven over time to do well indoors.

Lady Palm – One of the Best

Image Credit: KLRU at YouTube

The Lady Palm, or Rhapis Excelsa is one of the best plants for the workspace.

It’s an elegant palm that is undemanding, slow growing, and the best suited of all the fan palms to an indoor environment.

The Classics


Image Credit: KLRU at YouTube

Other classics include the Sanseverias. Shown above is the Sanseverias "Black Gold Express”. "Moonglow” also does very well in low light conditions.

Chinese Evergreens

Image Credit: KLRU at YouTube

The Chinese Evergreens, also known as Aglaonema, form another group of reliable interior plants. The name actually refers to 21 species of plants from the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

Some Chinese Evergreens have solid green leaves, but most cultivars display interesting shades of silver, gray, or light green. The "Indo Queen” is shown above.


Image Credit: KLRU at YouTube

There are many different types of Pothos that do well in an interior landscape. The Golden Pothos was used in the original NASA studies that proved plants improve indoor air quality. The Marble Queen being is shown above. Pothos is one of the easiest indoor plants to maintain. It is a long-growing, leafy vine that trails freely and is attractive in hanging baskets.

Bring a little greenery inside your building with some or all of these beautiful plants,

If you’re in the Upstate, and want to create a thriving indoor landscape for your building, contact Interior Plantscape today - With locations in Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, ColombiaSC, and Charleston SC.