Flowers and Plants Help Workplace Productivity

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It's been shown that when jobs become more complex technologically, there is a corresponding increase in stress-related disorders. Thus, it makes sense for business managers to learn effective ways to decrease stress and increase productivity as we grow more and more high tech.

Plants Inspire More Innovative Thinking

According to research conducted at Texas A&M University, placing plants and flowers in the workplace results in a noticeable increase in creative thinking and productivity.

"Our research shows that a change as simple as adding flowers and plants can be important in the most meaningful way to businesses in the modern economy," said Dr. Roger Ulrich, lead researcher on the project.

Image from our Interior Plants Gallery

During the study, workers in an environment that included flowers and plants showed the most innovative thinking, and produced the most original ideas and solutions to problems.

Increase Attention & Lower Blood Pressure with Plants

Image from our Interior Plants Gallery

A Washington State University study found that adding living plants to a windowless workplace increased productivity, lowered stress, and increased attention/alertness.

In the study, common low-light tolerant species of interior plants were added around the periphery of the room. Both floor plants and hanging plants were used to give a well designed, but not lush appearance. The living plants were placed in clusters, in such a way that they were "in the peripheral view” – visible, but not interfering with computer activities.


In terms of self-reporting of stress levels, the two groups had similar results before and after the computer tasks. However, there was one difference.

People in the group with plants scored significant increases in their post-task attentiveness scores as compared with their pre-task scores. (There was no change for those without plants.)

In other words, after they’d been asked to perform stressful tasks the people with plants actually felt MORE attentive and able to concentrate than before the tasks.

Blood Pressure

  • When asked to perform a stress-inducing task on the computer, the people with plants nearby had a smaller increase in blood pressure.
  • After the stressful task was complete, the blood pressure levels of the people with plants deceased more than the people without plants.

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