About Us

We have deep roots in the Carolinas. Conditions throughout this region have been ideal for us to thrive, blossom and do what we do best: implement strategic plantscape solutions that help companies grow and prosper.

Interior Plantscapes is a certified woman-owned business, which has been providing quality interiorscape services to the corporate community since 1989. Our centrally located facilities in each of our service areas enables us to store and acclimate plants for timely installations and replacements. Our excellent relationship with tropical foliage growers affords us the opportunity to purchase the newest varieties of grade A tropical plants at very competitive pricing.

Our priority is to exceed our customers' expectations by providing unsurpassed service.

With our courteous and friendly horticultural team, always in standard company uniforms, led by our knowledgeable and well-trained management staff, we persist in our endeavor of achieving excellence in everything we do. Our innovative and committed staff continues to set new standards of excellence in the industry.

Today, Interior Plantscapes provides personalized designs, installations and maintenance services for hundreds of national prestigious clients such as Merrill Lynch, IBM, Sheraton, Marriott, and BMW, as well as many local businesses such as medical facilities, banks, office building lobbies, law firms, universities, and restaurants.

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